home.jpgAbout us

DCVI is a consortium of European and Libyan companies that is specifically established to offer turn-key solutions for education projects in Libya. Our expertise includes primary, secondary and higher education, with a specialization in vocational education and training (VET, TVET, TIVET). In this area we have ample experience in upgrading teachers, trainers, management staff, curricula and equipment for a variety of subjects.

DCVI additionally offers equipment, tools and services for the following sectors:
  • oil and gas
  • agriculture
  • safety and security
  • maintenance and repair
  • health
  • ict
  • defense
  • building and construction
  • industrial development
  • maritime
Our consortium is able to provide all kinds of turn-key solutions. All consortium partners have their own specific expertise and specialism. For each project we will carefully select the best partner. Through these unique partnerships, our extensive knowledge, expertise, network, track record and experience in the Libyan market, we can ensure making the perfect match to offer the best solution.